Monday, November 21, 2011

Crockpot Challenge: Day 9 (and a pic of the burnt lasagna)

So there it is - the big nasty. OR the burnt lasagna. Potato pototo.

In case you missed my post yesterday, I decided to post each meal the day after I try it. This way I don't feel so much pressure:)

Today's (yesterday's) recipe comes from my friend Mary. I have worked with Mary at the hospital for years and she is one of my favorite people. In fact, she solidified that status when I found out she got kicked out of one of those bounce house places. With her kid in tow. Because she was being a smarty pants:) I also enjoy giving report to Mary in the mornings because she has an icy Diet Coke in hand and tells me it's her "drug of choice". Oh how I could listen to her talk all. day. long. She's a funny one. And now I'll stop going on and on about her because after these pork chops, my husband may be in love with her and I don't want to add any more fuel to that fire. For realz. About the love and the fire.

Mary's Yummy Pork Chops! You will need:

pork chops (any kind, I used bone-in because that's what they had at the Walmarts)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
a little bit of butter

Um, yeah, that's all. And it is so good. It makes the most magnificent gravy as it cooks all day.

In fact, John decided yesterday afternoon that he wanted to take me on a date. We found a babysitter and were going to go to dinner and a movie and just eat the porkchops the next day for lunch. I opened the lid to stir those angels and pulled out a piece for John to taste... and we ended up eating them for dinner that night and lunch the next day (today). They are that good. We were going to eat at the Japanese restaurant near our house and the porkchops trumped the fried rice. Darn you porkchops.

So, you know, just so you know. You know?

Put a little butter in a pan and brown the pork chops. (on a sidenote I'm not sure if pork and chop belong together or separately so I'm using them interchangeably because I can)I browned ours for about 30 seconds on each side.

Then place them in the crock pot. (again, one word or two? I don't know)Cook on low around 6-8 hours depending on how thick the chops are.

Pour the soups on top. Stir occasionally throughout the day. Sing Mary's praises for the rest of the evening. We did. And I hope you do too.

The end.

"Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life..." John 6:27

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Missy said...

Okay, I have to be honest. These totally spelled delicious but I have an issue with meat and I've never been a big fan of pork chops (except for your brother-in-laws!). Although I did sneak a tiny piece and it was good! The other thing that makes me a freak is that I don't like mushrooms. So what if you were to use a different type of soup? What do you think you could use?! Any ideas...

We 2 Bees said...

I think I've had something similar to this before and it is GOOD! I can't have cream of mushroom soup right now (darn diet) but they look amazing and it's saying a lot for it to beat out the fried rice!

cassie said...

To Missy: maybe try cream of celery??? So Mer... Do u think this could be done with partially frozen chops without the browning step??? Just curious. I would like to try this one next week...

On another pork-free note... You remind me if that movie about the girl who cooked her way through Julia Childs cookbook in a year. Have u seen it? Placental shunting is preventing me from remembering the name of the movie.... Darn!

Missy said...

Julie and Julia! And I totally thought the same thing when Meredith first said she was going to be doing this for the next 30 days! :)

East Fair Lane said...

I agree with not liking cream of mushroom. I'm thinking about trying this recipe with Cream of celery as suggested.

Did I miss why the lasagna was burnt???