Monday, November 14, 2011

Crockpot Challenge: Day 2

Since John wasn't going to be home tonight for dinner (and I actually knew that in advance) I decided to make a potato soup in the crock pot tonight because the boys and I L.O.V.E. soup and we don't care if it doesn't have any meat in it.

I got this recipe from either my sister-in-law, Shalane, or her mother, Mrs. Phyllis a few years ago ( I can't really remember they are so alike )and I think I remembered all of the ingredients. If not, it still tasted good.

So there.

All you need for Baked Potato Soup:

1 bag of southern style hash browns
1 box of chicken broth (enough to cover the potatoes)
1 small onion (I did not use the whole onion in the picture - I used half)
4 ounces of cream cheese
salt and pepper

Next, put the potatoes in the pot (inside the cancerous plastic liner of course), cover them with the chicken broth, put the chopped onion and salt and pepper on top and mix with a spoon. Pop that lid on, turn on low, and walk away for 7 hours!

This is about half way through...

About an hour before serving, drop the cream cheese in the pot.

Stir before serving.

I put the leftover tomatoes, cheese and avacados from last night in mine.

The boys only wanted cheese. You win some you lose some. Eh.

Our sweet neighbor, Nash, came over to play Beyblades with the boys and he ended up eating 4 bowls!

You should really try this recipe. It is so easy and it really tastes fantastic:)

I also cut out fifty construction paper trains today/tonight (it takes a while!!!), so on that note, I'm going to bed.

(*this first picture is not an ad for Walmart's "great value" brand I promise. I just happened to shop there this week)


brandy said...

I so went out and bought the stuff for fajitas. I will be cooking fajitas tomorrow! This recipe sounds delicious, too. Sounds a lot like the recipe for Cracker Barrels hashbrown casserole. I will let you know how the fajitas turn out =)

MaryMargaret said...

Hola from Louisiana- hope everything is great in Colorado! I have to comment, because we made this soup on Friday- I agree that it's super easy and delicious. Good luck with the next 27 days of crock-potting!

Missy said...

Just recently, within the past month, I got a potato soup recipe from a friend that everyone loves! Including myself! takes about an hour to make start to finish and it's kinda tedious (spelling?). I think I just might have to try this recipe. One because it's easy and two, because I'm a sucker for cream cheese!!