Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enjoying the Boys ( and girl )

Well, yesterday Finley and I had lunch with my friend Chris and her daughter Evelyn (Evie). Sometimes I forget how nice it is to have just one child with me at a time. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, but I do enjoy seeing their individual personalities that emerge when they have my full attention without the other one there. So, here are some pictures of Finn and Evie eating an ice cream cone... mmmmm.
Yes, he does have his arm around her, but it is for entertainment and picture taking only! (just a note to you little "son stealers" out there... he won't be dating... EVER) Also, I am going to try and post a video of this past Saturday. We had a lazy day and only left the house to go to Target to buy Halloween costumes. First, J.T. wanted to be Darth Vader, then Mr. Incredible, then a ninja, then Batman, back to Darth Vader.... an hour later we left with the Blue Power Ranger and he has been the blue power ranger at least once every day since. (I'm not sure he undersands that the Power Ranger is now his official costume, because when you ask him what he is going to be for Halloween, he still says Darth Vader!)

Anyway, I tell you this to explain why he is unrecognizeable in the video except for his extremely large muscles... something he is all too happy to show off, even without the costume. I tell you that to say that Finley has also learned to show his muscles this past week and it is precious... funny, but precious. I am including the entire video as embarassing as it is because there is so much to show off.... how well J.T. is talking, how big his muscles are, how well Finley is walking and communicating... the list goes on and on! Just a few things to notice: 1st - how Finley is trying to gnaw or bite on J.T.'s elbow in the beginning, 2nd - when J.T. is showing his muscles.. you can see Finley showing his in the left hand side of the video (am I the only one who wants to eat this child up?) 3rd - at the end of the video, Finley waves "bye-bye" with his right hand!!! It is a little long, but that wave at the end is well worth the wait. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Finley had his first therapy appointment this week ( the day of the ice cream - I did have an excuse!) and it was wonderful. His therapist's name is Karissa (for those who like to specifically pray.. hint hint) and she was great... you understand this is hard for me to say because I was certain we would never find a therapist as wonderful as Jen. However, I had a great feeling about this woman and am optimistic about the months to come.
On a more serious, even more sad note, we learned this Tuesday that John's grandfather Papa (THE John Franklin Templin) died unexpectedly Monday night. Please pray for John, Mr. Johnny, Pat (Papa's wife) and the rest of their family as they grieve for this loss. Also, please pray that we are able to honor his memory with the boys in the years to come as J.T. was able to spend quality time with Papa this past year that he remembers very well, and for Finley who will only have pictures and precious poems, instead of memories, to remind him of this time spent together.



Emily said...

Ooooh, so sweet! I can't believe how much JT has grown and changed - Ava is wearing the same costume as last year because well, it's a pony costume and around here, ponies are all the rage.

Jaime said...

Hi Meredith! Thanks so much for showing me how to blog! I'm so behind the times! When I look at the pics of the boys, I seriously can't tell if it's Fin or JT's pictures for that age. They look so much alike! The blog looks great. Can't wait to see more pics soon! Miss you guys. ~Jaime

Jennifer said...


Love the video, Finn looks great and JT is adorable. His arms look fantastic. He is walking great too. Call me at the clinic sometime next week or email me your phone number.

Love ya-

Caci said...

Love the video! My boys used to dress up EVERY day as some sort of super hero! I loved those day! One of my first videos of Annalisa is her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....what a great song for kids! She didn't know the words and would say "Up a bup a world so high"....memories!