Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mommy's Little.. Sorry.. BIG Helper

J.T. has been such a wonderful helper lately. A few weekends ago John went to the grocery store for me (what a man) and brought the bags in for me to put the groceries away. I put away the cold items and freezer stuff first and got busy with other things. This left the pantry food and misc. items still in the bags on the floor. You can imagine my surprise when I came downstairs to find J.T. had "unpacked" all of the bags, thrown them in the trash (remember John went to the grocery store and he doesn't take my "green" cloth bags), and neatly stacked all of the remaining items in the middle of the floor.
My surprise was even greater because he came and got me, took me by the hand and told me to close my eyes. WOW! What a big helper! I snapped a picture for obvious reasons - I just can't help myself - and filed it in my memory. This morning, I brought towels up from the basement to fold (John made me) and J.T. immediately went to work folding the towels.
I decided that even though they aren't folded to my standards, I should forget my standards and be thankful that he wants to help. I told him he was hired and I would pay him in goldfish.. I'll let you know how that works out. Please don't think I'm kidding people - these towels are going straight to the linen closet! I truly don't understand folding the towels anyway. Seriously, growing up we got our clean towels out of the dryer. I think we should bag them out of the dryer and hang them on the back of the shower door. Do they really need to be folded so we can unfold them, dry off, and throw them in a jumbled mess on the floor? Yes - I said on the floor - because that is where they land in my house! I even bought a duck and frog - yes frog - hampers and tell the kids to "feed the duck and frog your clothes and towels". I digress.

Hope you guys stop and smell the roses today - or in my case the clean and FOLDED towels - because our little ones are only little for so long. Enjoy them!
Happy "we're so close to the big candy fest" Halloween,


Emily said...

So sweet! I wish that I could let go of some of my *ahem* compulsions, and let the kids help me more. Dusting? NO PROBLEM. Folding? Can not give it over! Good for JT! And you!

Mac's Spot said...

Good for Jt...thanks for the reminder not to "sweat' the small stuff.

Wonderful Windy said...

I love how boys think! They do such cute "HELPFUL" things! JT reminds me so much of my boys! He and Finn are Precious!

Caci said...

Ben would agree with you 100% about bagging the towels out of the dryer. I tend to agree too while I am folding them and I am thinking "this towel is about to be unfolded and thrown over the shower curtain rod" does seem pointless! I am so glad JT got to help out though...I hope he enjoys getting paid in goldfish!

Melissa said...

dude, i think i need a little helper like that at my house. send that boy over to aunt lissa's house to do some laundry!