Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Crazy Home

Now that he is home, I can say that John was out of town last week - an entire week! Tuesday to Tuesday to be exact. I didn't want to blog about it while he was gone just in case some psychopath tried to break in or something.... (just a side note to would be psychopaths - I don't think I could actually kill anyone who broke in, but I know I could mame you to the point where you wish you were dead... just so you know, you know?) Anyway, like I said, now that he is back I have so much to share. First, we decided to have a cupcake decorating party for J.T. and his BFF Marcus because who doesn't want to decorate cupcakes? So, I took a pictures of J.T. and Finley holding all of our ingredients, cupcake paper cups, sprinkles, etc. as a "before" picture.

I had no idea that the "after" picture would be days away because as we were photographing... strep throat was brewing in my little boy's throat. The day of the decorating came and went because we were in the doctor's office the next morning with a high fever, malaise, and an "owie" in J.T.'s mouth. We went to Walgreen's to pick up his antibiotics, popsicles, icecream, a batman ball (an US Weekly... shhhhh) and other necessities and then headed for home for a smooth recovery. HAAA! No way home skillet... J.T.'s fever hit 105.2 the very next day and off to the ER we went. I won't bore you with all of the details of our trip, but our little man is back to his old self once again.. just in time for daddy to get home and make me look like I made it all up. I did, however, manage to capture it all on film for those of you who are interested - as pitiful as it all was. This, my friends, is how it all went down:

I must say that Finley was so pitiful through his brother being sick. J.T. literally stayed in bed all day Saturday - either mine, his, the couch, or a blanket on the floor. But everywhere J.T. went, Finley was right behind him. He didn't understand why J.T. wasn't playing or stealing or being mean to him anymore. He was just a slug. So, I guess Finley thought that being a slug with J.T. was better than playing without him. I just love my children so much some times it hurts - which is way better than the times I just want to hurt them - haha! (that was a joke to would be snitches who would like to turn me in to social services) Okay, I guess that is all for now. I have so much more to say, but it will have to wait.

Happy Almost Halloween!



Mac's Spot said...

Poor JT.....I am glad he is feeling better!

Templin Family said...

My pictures won't upload to blogger. I will post them all when John gets back with the GOOD computer!

Caci said...

I love reading your posts! I am glad JT is feeling much better now!

Caci said...

I just read your post again and I love the way that you actually address the psychopath "would be" home intruder in your post! LOVE IT!!

Jaime said...

Glad to know JT is doing better. He looks so pitiful in the pictures. Finley is such a good little brother! Give the boys a kiss from their Auntie Jaime. :)

Emily said...

Ugh. We had strep throat last week, too. Apprently it is going around. Of course Owen woke up with it the day of Grammy's funeral. Glad JT is feeling better!