Monday, June 20, 2011

Drop Your Drawers

So I guess it is time to let my three readers (Hi mom)know that I signed up to run my first 5K at the end of next month. I have a few friends running with me: Jaime (my PNP friend from the Springs), Brandy (NNP from work) and Carly our favorite preschool teacher/babysitter AND friend.

I actually couldn't say no when Brandy sent me the information. It is the 2011 Underwearness Drop Your Drawers and Run Wild 5K! (No mom, we don't run in our undies)
I'm just so excited that I've trained for this long which is about a month longer than I've stuck with anything else. I think John is pretty impressed as well because he knows that I don't typically stick with anything for too long (other than eating and sleeping and talking of course)and he bought me a present on Father's Day: the Nike + iPod. It is a nifty little chip that you put in your shoes and it communicates with your phone/iPod to let you know your distance, current pace, total miles, etc.

***Just a side note, if you do own an iPhone and haven't synced it in, say, over 12 months it will take ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I know this because I was so excited to use my new handy dandy shoechipthingy and I had to wait fo-rev-er (you can imagine me saying that like 'Squints' from the movie The Sandlot.) Go ahead, I'll wait...

To be honest, I think John is trying to encourage me since I've lost some weight through this whole running phase (not to be confused with my P90X phase - I got heartburn just typing that). No, John isn't a shallow man who wouldn't love me 10 pounds (OK fine! 15 pounds) heavier, but when John is doing something I like, I encourage him too so I can't really blame him.

***Another side note:Congratulations if you made it past that last paragraph. Pretty confusing I know but my closest two readers understood it:)

Are you wondering if you are one of my closest two now?

Don't be silly.

You know who you are;)

"You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in your presence..." Psalms 16:11


Jaime said...

Just so you know.....I haven't officially signed up for it yet! It's only b/c I'm not sure how much I can run down here in this 100% humidity! Isn't this why you moved up to Colorado? I think it'll be fine but I will probably sign up at the last minute!

Jaime said...

Oh, and glad I'm one of your "closest two"! :)

Veggie Mama said...

JUST DO IT, Mama!! Congrats, that's one heck of an undertaking! And I'm with you, I am encouraging mine to get back in the gym because I just so happen to LIKE him all toned and tight - hence my own exercise regimen. Who doesn't like being married to a hottie?! ;)