Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shrooms anyone???

Okay, that sounds awful doesn't it? Unless your name is Finley... you see I was going to title this post, "when it rains it pours", but then I thought, no.. here, when it rains we get mushrooms in our front yard. And FINLEY EATS THEM! That's right, he ate mushrooms out of our front yard. We wouldn't have known except for J.T. said "Ooooh, Finley you are in big trouble!" To which we responded, "what did he do?" and J.T. said, "he is putting mushrooms in his mouth."

"Spit those out Finley."

big gulp

Poison control was called, all is now well. The neurologist assured us Finley's seizures are not a result of the mushroom ingestion.

Thank you thank you thank you!

His EEG did show that he is having "left posterior epileptic (form) - ish? spikes and seizure activity": okay, maybe I shouldn't have put that in quotes. You get the idea. The plan for now is to use medication to try and get things under control. There are other options... but we are focusing on the medication right now and will only explore other options if necessary. (I have bad dreams, you see, when I think too far ahead and "borrow" trouble. :) )

Anybody know anything about the gluten-free and casein-free diet? (I am sure I spelled that wrong.. sorry!) I am considering placing the boys on it because it seems to be wonderful for brain development and incredibly nutritious and healthy... am I missing something big/ a disadvantage? Please tell me if I am!

We will see our neurologist again in a few months... until then, please pray for Finley to remain seizure free.

In other news... REALLY BIG NEWS... J.T. turned 5 years old yesterday! Can you even believe it has been five years since that tiny little fuzzball entered our lives??? He has been such a blessing!!!

For his big day, we had brownies for breakfast, cheese doritos and brownies for lunch, and quesadillas for dinner. (at his request, of course)

We took Finley to preschool for his Occupational Therapy, and then left him there! J.T. got a Target giftcard for his birthday from our neighbors and he wanted to use it, so we went to the store and he picked out a DVD: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. We took it home and watched it while eating popcorn and drinking bottled Coke! He even had his Lego Indiana Jones watch with us...

We played a little golf on the Wii....

I took pictures of his feet (what can I say? I think they are so dang cute!)

And today is our 8 year wedding anniversary! Goooooo marriage! (we got a Wii)

OH yeah: my newest nephew was born today....

Meet Aikman

See, when it rains it pours. It pours blessings of course! (Did I forget to mention that part?)

Maybe it pours scattered thoughts on my blog...

And finally:
Finley might have given me the stink-eye when we picked him up, but I couldn't really tell from the sugar-induced coma ;)

Any thoughts?



Jaime said...

Finley at mushrooms again? :) I'm glad the neuros are sure that's not what caused his seizures. Hope you and John enjoyed your anniversary dinner. 8 years....wow!

Jaime said...

Sorry, that was supposed to say Finely ate (not at!)

Melissa said...

Umm, I don't know much about the diets, but I do know that brownies, doritos and cokes would not go well. :) Maybe mushrooms would be ok though.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Glad you were able to get some answers on the EEG. Hope the medication keeps him seizure free. Cannot offer much info on the GF CF diet, sorry.

Sounds like the birthday celebrating was pretty intense.

Congrats on the new nephew.

Ellen said...

Hi! I don't know much about the diet, but I know many people are fans of it. I hope, I hope Finley stays seizure-free. And, happy birthday to your JT!

We have shrooms growing in our front yard, so I appreciated that cautionary tale. My little girl has been eyeballing them!