Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fingers Crossed for Today's Appointment

Today is our appointment with the neurologist. Today we will find out the results of Finley's most recent EEG. Today is a BIG day because it could possibly have some answers.

And finally, TODAY the Wiggles are in town...

and we aren't going.


I really wanted to be able to take both of the boys because J.T. and I had soooo much fun 2 years ago when they came. See?

** Yes, thank you, I am very aware that my hair was, um, awful.



MamaHen Em said...

How did it go? We keep praying for you all. . .

We 2 B's said...

Ok my fingers have been crossed. I've been praying. And I'm hoping all went well. It's time for another update. I hope no new is good news.