Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do you.... tattoo?

Hello... remember me? I'm the girl who has totally freaked out the past week over my son having sudden onset seizures. However, I think I am starting to adjust to our new normal. Well, that, and my mother flew into town today to help me this week while John is away. I know, I know... John has been out of town a lot and I manage fine on my own, but let's just say I have been a tad overwhelmed. But the show must go on... and on it has: See?

Finley playing in the sprinklers...

J.T.'s silly dance...

Taking a break... it's hard work being 2!

We had a blast at Southlands Mall today, letting the kiddos play in the water, letting them dry off as we ate dinner outside at Tokyo Joe's, changing them into their pajamas in the car and going grocery shopping for the week before bedtime.

I ordered and actually received (in only 2 days mind you) a medical ID band for Finn this week. I ordered it here, and also these cute temporary tattoos for when we are swimming so much in the summer. If those aren't cute then I don't know what is. If you are going to have a tattoo, you might as well say something!

On a more serious note, tomorrow is Finley's EEG at Children's Hospital. Please pray that our day is uneventful and that Finn will not be scared, but comforted throughout this entire process. Oh, and that we all survive him going WITHOUT a nap until then!



We 2 B's said...

The tattoos are so cute! What a great idea! We are praying that all goes well today. Let us know how it turns out.

Rich said...

That is the coolest thing.. EVER!