Monday, June 8, 2009

Mom, Are You Scared?

This is what J.T. asked me yesterday as we were huddled in the basement, during the hail storm, while the tornado sirens were blaring. "No baby, I'm not scared. We just need to be down here in case that hail hits the windows, we are just being safe."

and then the lights flickered....

and then they went out completely.

Again..."Mom, are you scared now?"

(gulp)"No baby, I'm not scared. God will protect us, we are just being safe."

At this point, I am thinking to myself that John had better get in here because both boys are wanting to be held, because they are scared, and my two arms can only hold so well. And then the hail gets louder, and we hear glass breaking, and John is still outside taking pictures! I will never understand that man, or his family, and their fascination with nature. Ever. Probably never, except these pictures were pretty cool. (as long as I didn't have to take them) :)

This is the glass we heard:

But, before the craziness began: progress was made!


It won't be long now!!!

(and yes, while we were in the basement I was most certainly thinking: well this is just great! We finally decide to build a deck and a tornado, of all things, is going to destroy it!)

The end. for now.


Caci said...

You got bigger hail than we did! Is that your kitchen window that was broken? What did you do to it for the night? Did you have to patch it up or did John fix it? I would have hated to have a broken window in my house!

MamaHen Em said...

It was pretty crazy, huh? Unlike you, I called my kids OUT of the basement to see the tornado! Thankfully we didn't have the sized hail you all got. Just marble sized. Glad everything turned out OK!

Jaime said...

I'm having flashbacks of Wizard of Oz! That is so scary! Praise God you guys were safe. Glad the deck is still intact :)

We 2 B's said...

Those are cool pictures. I got NONE! Can you believe it? And we were sitting right by it in Red Lobster. Sad! I got some of the hail in our yard. Sorry about the window that stinks. But the deck looks great!