Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Finished!!!....

well, almost, you know... except for the parts that aren't finished. But we don't care. Enough of the deck is finished to enjoy family, friends, and good ole' southern food. See?

See those black things on top of the posts? Solar lights! Our neighbor Mark is brilliant, they soak up the sun all day and then give some ambient light at night.. perfect!!!

The stairs... I will never take stairs for granted again!

View from the back... the boarded up window should be fixed soon! It is a little unsightly! Our neighbors were nice enough to loan us an extra patio table and chairs until we can get some of our own. I can't wait to go and pick out a set of our own :)

This last picture is from a few weekends ago after a rainstorm. Everyone was giving me grief for calling all the kids over to look at the rainbow. I had to put my foot down and remind everyone how we marveled at the tornado and its destruction. We took this as an opportunity to talk to our kids about the meaning behind the rainbow and how it was one of God's many promises to us. I think everyone will cut me a little slack from now on... I don't think they want God sending a tornado their way. ;) Haha!


carol said...

Mere-dith The deck looks wonderful. Maybe I can come see you when I come up to help Jaime move.

We 2 B's said...

Awesome work! The deck is very big! Congrats! Great work.