Saturday, January 10, 2009

Say what?

Heard around our house today:
As I was holding Finley in the living room, staring at his bright red rosy cheeks that he tends to have after waking up from his nap, admiring his long eyelashes sweeping across his cheeks and shadowing his beautiful blue eyes, I ask a question...
Me: "John?"
John: "Yeah.."
Me: "What do you think our next baby is going to look like?"
John: not even missing a beat..."Probably a lot like your next husband."
Thanks honey.. just what I was looking for.. sarcasm.

You know, speaking of, I wonder if my next husband will look anything like this handsome fella..

A girl can dream.


Emily said...

That is soooo funny! I love me a good sarcasm!

Melissa said...

y'all crack me up! i hope your next husband looks like that too. can i come to dinner a couple times a week?

Jaime said...

That is hilarious! That sounds just like something my dear husband would say. Who is that guy in the photo?

Templin Family said...

Jaime, are you kidding me? That is Edward.. THE Edward... Rob Pattinson with the beautiful, soulful voice.. Twilight? You're killing me James!

Mac's Spot said...

That is funny! I am with Melissa...Can I come for dinner too!

wonderful windy said...

Well your next child will definitely have a different look!