Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 23, 2009 - Happy Birthday Finley!!!

The following pictures are my first installment of celebrating Finley's 2nd Birthday.... a look at his "firsts". (no particular order)

This is the first time Finley realized J.T. was sick... he followed him around all day long and laid beside him wherever he was! In this picture, J.T. was trying to hide from Finley - behind my bed on the floor, but Finley found him soon enough.

First Easter Basket

(in Louisiana)

First time I let Finley throw a temper tantrum without giving into him. Instead, he gave into his tiredness and took a nap in the middle of the kitchen floor. (Yes, I moved him after I took this picture.)

First time to taste guacamole.... he loved it!

First time to "stoop"... this was HUGE for him.

First time to eat spaghetti by himself!

First time wearing a Spiderman shirt! Hehehe!

First time to eat chocolate cake.. on his 1st Birthday!!!

First time to smile for my camera and "hold" it... you know how the digital flash takes forever and you miss the good smiles... he looks so much like my dad to me in this picture. (he is named after my father - Paul )

First time to pout on a porch??? Okay, I'm reaching but this picture is soooo cute! Thanks Melissa @

First Owie!!!

(he fell off of the Diego jeep onto the concrete.. poor baby!)

First Birthday Night... First time to eat at Shogun.. mom and dad's favorite Hibatchi restaurant!

First Christmas Morning in his first pair of Christmas pajamas!

First Easter Service at Church (the car ride home)

(once again, first in Louisiana)

First day of daycare!!! (yes, I dressed them alike for a week!)

I will post more later; these were just some of my favorite memories, if not pictures anyway. Up next, our latest battle with our favorite almost two year old... the big boy bed! Oh yeah, and I will also be posting preschool party pictures and birthday party pictures, and so on and so on . I just can't get enough of this chubby little man!


Beckie said...

oh, he's so cute!! Happy Birthday little man! I love the pictures. Boys are so special!

carol said...

Happy Birthday Finley!!!

From Carter's "Omaw" in Louisiana

Caci said...

Happy Birthday Finley! Hope you had lots of good cake!!!

Anthony and Lisa said...

What a blessing! Happy Birthday, Finley! You bring so much joy to your mama!

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Finley! Looks more like terrific twos instead of terrible twos. We love you!

We 2 B's said...

Happy Birthday Finley!
What great pictures! I'm glad you have a family you who loves you so much!

Emily said...

Great pictures! My favorite is the boys holding hands in the car. What a sweet, sweet child!

wonderful windy said...

I just love looking at pictures of your boys! Hopefully we can come visit all of our Colorado family soon. Finley is so cute and huggable!