Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year.... and a felony?

Isn't breaking and entering a felony? I have never been in enough trouble for such things to find out but my husband on the other hand....

Let me explain.

What would your thoughts be if you saw your husband walking through the door carrying this?

Okay people, not Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Although, there was a screaming child in the background.

You've never broken down a door before? Well, maybe not a door, but the hinge and door frame and actual handle?

What, with wood pieces and metal flying to the ground?

Well, my darling husband did this morning... and you know what... it put a twinkle in my eye, because he was rescuing our precious baby boy, who had LOCKED HIMSELF IN THE BATHROOM IN THE DARK!!!

Now, don't be silly... I did try to pick the lock with a clothes hanger while slipping our little man goldfish under the door, but 15 very long minutes (seemed like 15 hours) later, our hero came down the stairs, tried the hanger trick, and swiftly walked outside. You can imagine my surprise when he returned with the weapon! Imagine my fright when I thought he would try to chop the door down, Jack Nicholson -style... "Here's Daddy!" Yikes!

However, he always knows best and took the very manly, heroic route instead, bashing the handle from it's resting place with one swift movement, while smashing the wood surrounding it! (Is it wrong for me to look at this man with such respect and admiration after the mess he created?) After the return of our child safely to my arms, he spoke not a word, but went straight back to bed (did I mention it was very early?) What a man!

Here he is... Finley Paul!

Too bad Batman wasn't around yet for our door bashing party!

Hope you all are having an exciting New Year as well!



We 2 B's said...

Oh my gosh! How scary and funny, kids will do the craziest things and usually very early. Good to see your new post! Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

what a story!

Emily said...

Yeah, I thought The Shining! This totally made me laugh!