Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Camping

Obviously, I haven't blogged in over a week - sorry! I had a Statistics final to study for and take. Even though the final was HORRIBLE, I still got an A in the class so I'm okay with that.

We are getting ready to go camping this weekend. I'm a little nervous about Finley waking up early and wandering out of the tent... any suggestions? He is soooo quiet and it scares me.

I am actually taking eggs, hashbrowns, turkey sausage, kabobs, etc to cook. I've never done anything so fancy before - we are hotdog kinda people. And of course the boys can't wait for the s'mores. JT woke me up this morning full of excitement about the s'mores. and the swimming. and the tent. He's really excited.

He also asked Jesus into his heart this past week, but I'm reserving an entire post for that....

No pictures today. It's okay you don't have to stick around:)

Hopefully, I'll get some really good pictures this weekend (laugh all you want, a girl can dream) and I can write some good posts next week...

Have a great 4th of July!!!

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Amanda said...

How was camping?