Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Walmart,

I don't even know where to begin. I have loved you for so many years that I can't remember when it all started. I do, however, know that our relationship ended abruptly this past week and will never be repaired. I have, for at least 5 years now, walked through your doors once, if not twice or three times, each week and spent our family's hard-earned money. I have bought groceries, baby clothes, diapers and wipes, toys, plants, tires and oil-changes, fabric, stamps, rented the rug-doctor, and browsed through your clearance (your very messy clearance aisles I might add) and for what? For your customer service manager to be a raging and, in my opinion, very hormonal b*&$#! I don't think so. You have pissed off the wrong woman. Not only am I going to upper management, but I will tell EVERY SINGLE PERSON I encounter for the rest of my life how much I despise Walmart. Before this past week, I would daydream about my next trip to Walmart... what I would buy, which greeter I would have the pleasure of talking to upon entering, taking the boys down the fish aisle... Now, I loathe the thought of you. You have squished my hopes and dreams like a big, fat jellybean and I will never be the same.
The End,