Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008 and other stuff

Okay, I know it has been over a week since I posted last, but we have been having soooo much fun decorating for Christmas. We decided to put our tree up early since I had to work the Thanksgiving holiday, and we didn't stop there! John and I just love this time of year, and decided that we love our house the most when our Christmas decorations are out.... so we put them out! So, we spent the week decorating - a little at a time - and of course J.T. got sick - really sick actually - so we dealt with that - and my blogging little fingers had to sit idly for a while. That being said - I feel like I don't have the words to say it all - but I thought a numbers post would work quite nicely!!!
Here goes:
12 - number of hours I had just worked before embarking on my "black friday" adventure.
2 - parking spaces from the front of the store (Target). Score? Meredith - 1 The world - 0
1 - lovely husband to stay home with the kiddos so I could enjoy such an occasion
11 - the hour I arrived home in time to hop in the car with the fam to enjoy lunch
3 - number of children everyone thought I had - J.T., Finley, and Finn's atrocious diaper
2 - number of children I actually had
2 - number of Hot-N-Spicy McChicken's I consumed all by myself
2 - again - number of hours I slept before being awakened by needy children.
0 - number of hours J.T. slept!
12 - number of minutes I was in the warm, bubbly bath before J.T. got into the hair products
4 - seconds before I decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting
5 - products J.T. used while I was in said bathtub to fix his hair: water, gel, hairspray, Estee Lauder perfume (I don't get it either) and sunglasses for Finn to put on so he wouldn't get any hairspray in his eyes ( so thoughtful)
16 - number of times J.T. asked me if he could get in the bath with me (yes, I counted)
10 - number of times Finley turned the light on and off before I thought to just move the stool so he could no longer reach it.
5 - minutes Finn cried before getting over it!
22 - minutes it took our Pizza to arrive
22 - seconds it took to put a smile on not only my face, but everyone's faces
0 -you guessed it - number of meals eaten at home today
However, there is:
1 - crockpot full of yummy oatmeal with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon that will be ready when we wake up tomorrow
8 -cups of Vanilla Biscotti coffee set to auto brew - also for tomorrow morning
1 more chance to start a new day, cook for my family, wrap some presents and tell my family how much I love them!


Jaime said...

Such a cute post! I love the number things. Got one for you...11: number of hours I've spent either in a car or on a plane traveling home to an empty house while the boys are still in NY! I lost it in the airport today when I had to leave my sweet little Carter knowing I wouldn't see him for 4 more days! I'll call you tomorrow.

Emily said...

Ah, but perfect days are often made up of those moments, huh? Good for you! Can I get your crockpot oatmeal recipe?? I sooo want to do that but can't find one I love.

Darlene said...

Meredith all I can say is I love you!

Darlene said...

Hey, J.T.'s hair looks really good! Maybe you should let him start styling his own hair.

Wonderful Windy said...

I just love your blog and your stories because they remind me so much of my house and my stories, and the wonders of the mind of a little boy! You should really go read my latest story about Carter! I am sure you will enjoy it!