Sunday, November 30, 2008

Find a Happy Place, Find a Happy Place

It's 6:55 p.m.... do you know where my kids are? IN BED! I posted recently that J.T. has been really sick, and now that he is feeling a little bit better - John and Finley came down with something else entirely! I won't go into all of the details, but John has been in bed ALL DAY! And in case you didn't know, it has been blowing snow all day - thankyouverymuch - and hopping in the car to head to McDonald's or Chick-fil-A to enjoy their playland was out of the question. Soooo, we had to find other things to do, while trying to stay out of the "infected" areas. Did I mention it has been snowing all day. Okay, just checking.
Back to finding my happy place, I wanted to post just a couple of sneak peaks from our photo session a few weekends ago. No, J.T. did not wear his Darth Vader shirt, but it was a precious photo op and I'm glad Melissa captured it.
Speaking of hide and go seek - no we weren't really speaking of it, but it is my blog, my transition! Anyway, hide and go seek was one small thing we did today to pass the time. Finley isn't the greatest hider, but most certainly the cutest!
Where's Finley?
There he is!

So, back to the snow. J.T. has been wanting to build a snowman soooo badly, and even though he has been super sick, I decided it was easier to bundle him up and get it over with than fight him all day long! Thankfully, Gigi (my mother) sent us a snowman kit a few years ago with everything you need to build a snowman - you know - except for the snow. Here is the finished product:

By lunchtime - oh yes, we're not even through lunchtime people - I was ready to pull my hair out. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my children, I do, but I really like our weekends to be mommy and daddy time. I should also mention that at least 3 or 4 times every hour, the boys tried to go into, beat on the door of, yell at the top of their lungs into my bedroom at said daddy.. who was, in all honesty, laying on our marriage/his death bed, pale as a ghost and smelling of things ungodly....
Next please...
Speaking of lunchtime and minus the yucky smells, I ordered pizza online today for the first time ever! (Okay the second time this week (end), but the first time online!) One small feat accomplished! If only they could eat once a day! All of this to say that online ordering is one of the best things to ever happen to me - seriously - it was great!
After naptime (for Finn because J.T. gave up sleep for lint or something and never took it up again) I thought that some cookies were in order. Today, however, Finley wanted to help and J.T. (shocker) decided that it would be okay to let him! So, in case you wanted to know how to make Christmas cookies:
Preheat the oven to 375 (yes they are premade - I am all about convenience these days!)
Remind the child very loudly and multiple times that we don't eat them yet, just put them on the baking sheet
Very slowly (12 minutes) put each one on the sheet and cry when mommy moves them the 2-3 inches apart from each other that they need to bake
Let them cool off! (more crying involved)
I didn't get a picture of them eating the cookies because I was so frazzled by this point! Needless to say, we had pizza (again) for dinner, clean-up, a warm, special Wall-E Bubble Bath party, and off to bed. (after hugs, kisses, reading Space Chimps with sounds effects twice of course)
Thank goodness John brought home this wonderful treat earlier this week! All in moderation people - find a happy place.
Now that my kiddos are sleeping soundly and I have had a chance to wind down a little, I noticed that throughout this crazy day I have done most of the laundry, cleaned the house, mopped the floors and dusted the dusty.... and now I want nothing more than to curl up on the couch in my warm, cozy house and read a good book and drink a glass of wine! It is going to be needed, I am sure, as I am most definitely not sleeping in the "infected" room tonight! The only question left: bunk beds or the couch???


Darlene said...

If you come to Alabama I'll give you a happy place! And I'll take care of those 2 boys so your happy place will be more quiet. Just a suggestion. I love you.

Jaime said...

I'm sorry most of your family is sick. It's hard to take care of sick kids all day (or in your case night) at work and then come home to take care of sick family. I pray God's speedy recovery for you all. Hang in there.

Anthony and Lisa said...

I'm sure Anthony can relate to your day. I was sick this weekend with "unmentionable" ailments! He decided that he's definitely not cutout for single-daddy-dem!

Amanda said...

that snowman is awesome!

Beckie said...

you have such a cute family. i like your christmas picture. i really need some of that pink truck wine. best i've ever tasted and I don't even like alcohol. god bless!!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your family is precious... Hope everyone is feeling better!