Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something New

For the few of you who are still interested in our everyday lives, and those of you who have asked why Finley's Blog has not been updated in a LONG time, welcome to our new blog. I felt like it was only fair to include the entire family, especially the boys since that is who everyone wants to know about anyway, in a new blog. These past few months have been pretty crazy... First of all, we have moved back to Colorado if you didn't already know. We are back in our old house, the house we all love, and settling in pretty nicely. The boys had a blast playing with the boxes which helped keep them entertained long enough to unpack. Also, J.T. had his 4th Birthday Party... Spiderman of course.... at Mr. Biggs in Littleton. He had a blast playing with his closest friends in the foam factory. After everyone left, our little family hung around and played in the balls for a little while to enjoy some time together. Finley started walking a few days before his 18 month "birthday"...whew!!!... I was sweating that one. Although now we are sweating it more because he is a loose cannon.... so unpredictable! On top of being mobile, he has learned to say "no" and also that he doesn't necessarily have to do what we ask him to... I only thought J.T. was strong-willed!! Speaking of J.T., he had his first cavity at the dentist this week.. I won't say how many since they are apparently my fault ("you should be flossing his teeth") I will only say that it was a complete shock and to my friends with young children... "We as mothers are apparently responsible for flossing their teeth!!!" (on a side note, we had our first flossing experience last night and let me just say good luck to the newbies and kudos to those who already do it because my fingers and floss do not fit into his little mouth nor do they appreciate the biting) Monday, September 15th (Nannaw's Birthday) Finley will have surgery to place tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes). He has had multiple ear infections since last November and the ENT doctor thinks he will benefit from tube placement. I feel like I am forgetting something.... Oh yeah, J.T. will be starting his new preschool - Belles and Beaus - on Monday, September 8th. I think I am more nervous than he is. This place is amazing and comes highly recommended... also it prepares kiddos like J.T. for kindergarten next fall (can you believe it?)

On a different note, John and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this year! We went out to eat and to a movie to celebrate the weekend, but what we truly decided to give each other was the gift of health. We joined Lifetime Fitness as a family and the boys love it... probably a little too much since I have to drag them out - literally - every time it is time to leave! Our first month's goal has been "just don't die" and woohoo.. no one has... yet. There is still time I guess. Anyway, I hope to post a more organized update soon.... I just wanted to make sure this update got posted so I can see how things look and what needs to be changed, etc. since this new site is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy the pictures.



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Darlene said...

These pictures are too cute. I hated that I couldn't be there for J.T.'s birthday but I hope he enjoyed his birthday in a box that Pops and I sent him. I see that Finn is playing with one of the horns that we sent. We love and miss you so much. Gigi