Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy 'Mole

Apparently, Finley loves guacamole!!! These pictures are actually from a few months ago when we first moved back to Colorado. We didn't have our kitchen table yet so we would eat outside at night..... mainly because it is easier to clean up afterward, but also because it is beautiful weather this time of year and it felt great. It was also a chance for the kids to be outside and breathe that fresh mountainous air! On this particular evening, we decided to do takeout (Qdoba to be exact.... our favorite) and the boys shared a quesadilla plate.
Finley must have thought we were holding out on him because he got into the guacamole with a vengeance!!! He was shoveling this stuff in his mouth! I thought after he tasted it he would realize it wasn't green pudding and spit it out, but he just kept on eating it until it was gone. (I shouldn't need to tell you how lovely that diaper was) Anyway, we had popsicles for dessert and I am pretty sure J.T. painted himself with his because there is no way he could've eaten too much.... just look at him! Well, obviously I am trying to find "blogwords" to match our cute pictures so I will go for now. I hope everyone is doing well.



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Darlene said...

How precious are these pictures of my 2 beautiful grandsons. I guess Finn takes after me cuz I love that guacomole too! I love you all very much. Gigi